Our Story


We are a social and professional initiative that facilitates camaraderie, ingenuity, entrepreneurship and success among women connected to the GCC countries. We emphasize the social importance of women leaders in all walks of life—whether at home, in the community or in the workplace.


Women’s GCC Initiative aims to:

  • Foster the exchange of ideas, talent and support among women connected to the GCC countries.
  • Facilitate an environment where women leaders can interact, gain inspiration, and build from their shared experiences.
  • Transcend stereotypes and expand the image of women in the Gulf.
    • Thus, encouraging companies to not hesitate in sending their business women to the region
  • Promote global commerce with the GCC
  • Promote entrepreneurship within the GCC
  • Encourage the idea that women are valued.
  • Explore the choices women have in their many important roles in our communities.
  • Contribute to the positive understanding of what these various roles may mean for women.
  • Build alliances and understanding among women from culturally and socially diverse backgrounds.


Why We Started

This site was inspired by discussions encountered over the years between women from the Arab Peninsula and women based in the Americas and Europe—great discussions that would occur at conferences, casual exchanges, and chance encounters. It is a collaborative initiative begun by women in these regions. We invite you to become a part of it too.

Though from diverse backgrounds, these women recognized striking similarities in some of their shared challenges: the balance of work and home, navigating relationships, the stereotypes of women in the Gulf, the weight of responsibility of being the first woman in that company’s position, the awesome responsibility of being a Mom, Wife, Daughter… of being a good role model and community member.

Many of the connections forged ultimately led to business projects, books, friendships and much more. Officially founded in 2009, Women’s GCC Initiative was inspired by these connections and the countless success stories born from them.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of a group of dynamic women committed to the goals and vision of the Women’s GCC Initiative. We are still in the formative stages of our Board and invite interested women to contact us for more information about getting involved.


Coming soon…

Honorary Executive Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Strategic Partners


UAE Chief Editor – Farrah al Kasem